How Star Wars helped your business achieve authenticity

by IdeaTransfer on May 22, 2011

Today’s buzzword is Authenticity.  We have set the bar much higher for what rings true and what does not.  But the emphasis is more on “ring” than “true.”  Computer realism is perfectly acceptable because it looks so authentic.

When movies were actually made in Hollywood, it didn’t occur to moviegoers to question if the action was taking place exactly it was depicted.  We believed what we saw.  Well, not the movies set in space of course.  But if you were there the day Star Wars opened, you heard the audience gasp and applauded.  Space travel was now authentic, and we would never accept cheesy special effects again.

Now authenticity has come to business as well.  People don’t buy-in to PR or projections like we used to.  Instead we start with suspicion and then gradually give up our doubts as the business passes tests of authenticity.

If you want to increase the value of your business to convince outside buyers, to motivate successors, to secure financial backing, then you need to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Here’s the talk…  Vision.  But here is the walk…  Realistic growth strategies.

Talk…  Passion.  Walk…  Committed and diversified client base.

Talk…  Instinct.  Walk…  Effective financial controls.

Talk…  Innovation.  Walk…  Proprietary systems and technology.

Talk…  Drive and perseverance.  Walk…  Sales success and profit history.

Talk…  Leadership.  Walk…  Motivated, experienced management team.

How do you intend to demonstrate authenticity?

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