10th Dot

You know the Nine Dot Puzzle.  The challenge is to connect the dots using four lines without lifting your marker from the page.

To meet the challenge you need a 10th dot—outside the nine dots.  IdeaTransfer’s 10th Dot is your view from outside.

Founding a business is an admirable creative act.  But you are also creating the boundaries of your thinking without knowing it.  You have created your own nine dots.

Sometimes you need to step outside for a new perspective.  Not many business owners can do it.

IdeaTransfer has gained that perspective by working with independent businesses and entrepreneurs over the past three decades.

  • Sometimes the 10th dot is a burst of creativity, shaking loose new idea and a new direction.
  • Sometimes it is a critical analysis, asking the tough questions no one else is prepared to ask.
  • Often it is the facilitator role, frame the issues in new ways that focus everyone’s attention.

However, perspective is valuable only if the results are actionable.   The 10th dot also provides organizing power to move from idea to implementation.

  • What resources are needed to support a new strategic decision?
  • What relationships need to be in place to bring knowledge and insight to the implementation process?
  • What results can be achieved and what incremental results make the process most efficient and effective?

We added the 10th Dot to the timeless nine dots puzzle many years ago as a symbol of our value proposition.  It encompasses IdeaTransfer’s perspective to help businesses thrive.